Payroll Services

Hester Business Solutions has teamed up with respected payroll service in order to provide you with some of the following services.

Tax Filing Services:
Our Economy package payroll service provides tax filing for your business. You can have peace of mind and be assured your business is filing properly with state and federal entities.

                                       • Tax impounding                                    
                                       • Tax payments
                                       • 941 filings
                                       • 941 returns
                                       • W2 and W3 filing
                                       • State filing
• Local tax returns
• 940/940 EZ return• FUTA Deposits
• State Withholding returns
• State Unemployment Returns
• 943

Payroll Services:
Checks, Direct deposit, Garnishments, Deductions, New Hire Reporting

Reporting Services:
 Payroll Checks, Payroll Check Register, Check Listing Report, Payroll Summary Report, Next Payroll Worksheet, 350 Additional Reports

 No matter your payroll or accounting needs Hester Business Solutions can provide you with the service you need.

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