Commercial Loans

Hester Business Solutions business loans are a type of funding that an organization or individual provides to pay for inventory, equipment, expansion, or other business expenses. The hallmark of a business loan is that it has a set maturity date; that is, there is a fixed date by which you must pay off the loan.

Business loans through Hester Business Solutions provider are no different, but they do have a few features that set them apart from many traditional bank loans.

Are our loans right for you?
​A business loan may be right for you if:
Check_MarkYou have a minimum of $4,500 in monthly gross revenue

Check_MarkYou’ve been in business for at least 4 months
Check_MarkYour monthly revenue is relatively stable

The online lending application takes only minutes; if your business is approved, funds can be wired to your business bank account in as little as 2 business days.

Plus, we only need the application and three months’ bank statements to get things started.

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